Jobkeeper Payment Scheme Enroll Now

Jobkeeper Payment Scheme Enroll Now

ATO now opens an application for JobKeeper Payment

(We also provide application service for job retention subsidy JobKeeper and XERO 50% Discount till 31 April)


The exciting moment has finally arrived, companies, trusts, partnerhsip, sole traders who are eligible to apply for JobKeeper’s retention allowance can now go to the business portal to apply for or find a tax agent like our accountant Place.


You have the right not to choose to participate in the JobKepper Scheme, but if you choose to participate, you cannot choose which qualified employee to participate in or not.


Business owners who are eligible to apply for the JobKeeper Payment Scheme. Before registering, please be sure to send the notice of the nominated employee to qualify employees, fill out and sign, and make a copy to your tax agent, such as us for at least 5 years.


At the same time, if you want to be eligible to receive the April JobKeeper retention subsidy from the government, please be sure to go to and between 20 April to 31 May to enrol.


You must pay the qualified employees, two 2 weeks salary before April 30th. From the first 2 weeks of March 30 (fortnight FN 01) to the second 2 weeks of April 13 (fortnight FN 02). At least $ 1500 (pre-tax) must be sent every 2 weeks, approximately deduction ($ 192 Taxes).


If you want to keep the government repaying wages, you need to pay wages to eligible employees in advance until September 27.


Employees who want to apply for as casual staff:


If you have other full time, you can’t apply for as casual.


If you want to apply as directors or shareholders:


if you have fulltime work in another company, you cannot apply as directors or shareholders.


At the same time, ATO provides JobKeeper Guide for employees and sole traders.


JobKeeper guide – sole traders—sole-traders/

JobKeeper guide – employers reporting through STP.—employers-reporting-through-STP/

JobKeeper guide – employers not reporting through STP.—employers-not-reporting-through-STP/


Feel free contact us if you need any help with that.

(We also provide services to apply for stay subsidies and XERO 50% Discount till 31 April)
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