Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO


A CFO is a key component to growing your business and provides services well beyond those of an accountant or controller.  Having a CFO for your organization means you have someone who understands the operations of your business and how the financial systems interrelate with operations; someone who understands capital structures, business funding and the management of cash flow; someone who understands business risk, both financial and non-financial, and knows how to mitigate and manage those risks; and someone who understands the business strategy, can see the big picture and is able to make decisions.



At Progress CA, we are providing the following services regarding to Virtual CFO

  1.           Budgeting and Flux Analysis
  2.           Equity Management
  3.           Payroll and HR
  4.           Cash and AP Management
  5.           Close Management
  6.           Dashboard Reporting
  •       Management of overall budget creation process.
  •       Monthly or quarterly budget versus actual reporting
  •       Monthly flux analysis
  •       Manage issuance of company shares and options
  •       Maintain proper accounting for all equity transactions
  •       Maintain a cloud-based timekeeping and payroll system
  •       Provide HR services such as onboarding and offboarding employees
  •       Weekly accounts payable, processing bank reconciliations, and delivery of a detailed cash flow forecast to the CEO
  •       Oversee in-house and outsourced accounting staff to close the books quickly and accurately
  •       A big component is the proper recording of accruals


Determine a standard set of ratios (both financial and non-financial ) and provide to management via a dashboard on a monthly basis


In order to take your business to the next level, it is critical to have someone acting in this capacity, however many cannot afford full-time services while growing their business.  With a wealth of financial experience from small businesses, PROGRESS CA will provide these services to your business at a fraction of the cost.


Contact us to discover how PROGRESS CA can perform this function for you on an as-needed basis to grow and transform your business today!


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